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A downloadable game for Windows and Android

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The Endless Journey is a game made by a group of 10 who wish to bring Retro-style games back to life.


Warning: Currently no update checker

This Video-Game is not endless, that is just it's name :)

Thanks to Visager for the music! Music released by Visager under Creative Commons 4.0 License Attribution Required. Albums included: Songs from an Unmade World and Songs from an Unmade World 2

Next demo update due: V1.0

ATTENTION: If you want to update to B1.5+ from B1.4 and below, on Android and UWP, you will have to re-install the game

Demo also available here:

Arrow keys to move
Up arrow to jump
'X' to attack

Changelog: (Sorry about format)
Buglog: (Sorry about format)

Although this game's price is set at £1.00, you can donate, the money raised will go back into developing the game further and making more games like this.

Current Versions Table

OS Update Stream File Version Actual Version Content Update Date Released
Windows Stable V0.1.5.1 B1.5.1 CU0 27/10/2016
Windows Early V0.1.5.1 B1.5.1 CU0 27/10/2016
UWP Stable V0.15.1.0 B1.5.1 CU0 27/10/2016
Android Stable V0.1.5.1 B1.5.1 CU0 27/10/2016

The Endless Journey is a game where you bounce around and try to complete as many levels as possible.


  • Many Different Weapons with different attributes
  • Enemies that have different speeds and attributes, like rewards and amount of life they have
  • You can double jump to collect coins in hard-to-get-to places
  • Levels designed by different people to make sure we can have a massive range of levels to play
  • It's own soundtrack
  • Weapons store
  • Custom Sound Effects

Features to be added:

  • Multi-Lingual
  • DLC Support

More information

Published192 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android
Release date188 days ago
Tags8-bit, android, chiptune, windows
Average durationA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Player countSingleplayer


Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
£1.00 £0.50 GBP or more

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Download demo

Demo (Windows) (Installer) (20 MB)
Demo (Android) (APK) (27 MB)
Demo (Universal Windows Platform) (Zipped) (19 MB)