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Waterlogged is a game about defeating dungeons, collecting cool loot and leveling up. Defeat skeletons, and later golems, to collect better loot allowing you to kill them quicker. The game features content for levels 0 through 5 along with procedurally generated islands that can be regenerated by travelling to the far edges of the map and pressing 'Q'. 

Controls: WASD - Movement, E - Enter/exit dungeons, open chests, board/unboard boats, Q - Enter new waters, pick up items, Click - attack.

This was created by Reece Mackie for the DevSquad Summer Game Jam 2019.

This is built in our own Ngine which is still in very early stages.

A warning to Nvidia users: Due to a bug in the engine, you may experience some unusual problems.


Waterlogged.zip 1 MB

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